“Fiona is travelling”: podcast series

Interviews with the people I meet, music from concerts I’ve been to and pub sessions I’ve played in, fascinating things I’ve found to share…. 

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Not really a podcast: this is an interview by Hughie Parr on Preston FM with my brother in law, Peter Rankin, who died on 10th June 2018. He was leader of Preston City Council, an Honorary Alderman of the City, and has received tributes from all sides of the political spectrum.
Click on the link above or press ‘play’ on the audio feed below. (27 minutes, reproduced with permission).


Podcast no 3a. Preston Folk Club, 30 May 2018. (this is a LONG full evening, 1.5 hrs, not for the faint hearted!  Coming shortly a shorter roundup  of my musical travels which will be no 3). (Opens automatically if you click on the link above, or you can press ‘play’ on the audio feed below).  Recorded on 30 May 2018 at the Moorbrook,  Preston. This is a weekly Weds evening club in a tiny pub room.
Playing the melodeon was easily the best thing I ever learned when I was at Bath Uni in the seventies – it’s given me an ‘in’ in pub sessions throughout Britain and Ireland and helped me to make friends in every place I’ve ever lived.  In this podcast we hear the resident band at the Moorbrook (Tom Walsh, Dave Peters, Hugh O’Donnell and Neil Brook); and lots of club singers – with chorus songs and ballads (and me, playing a couple of tunes, too!)  There are some great singers – and also examples of how you don’t have to be a brilliant singer to lead a good chorus song at a friendly folk club.  Enjoy!  ( You’ll find the full playlist and acknowledgments here).  I recorded this, the last of four folky evenings in five days on my epic journey from Cape Clear Island to Preston, which took in music at Cape Clear, Dublin, Bampton in Oxfordshire, and Preston. (there should be another podcast from those other sessions, coming later…)

Tom Walsh, Dave Peters and Neil Brook – three quarters of the resident band at Preston Folk Club


Podcast no 2. May 2018.  “I’m looking forward to the day I don’t have to tell my story“. Of Goats and Votes. (17 mins)
(Opens automatically if you click on the link above, or you can press ‘play’ on the audio feed below). Activist and goatherd Vanessa O’Sullivan talks about how meeting goat farmer Ed Harper, and the deep relationships she was able to make with the goats on Cape Clear Island, saved her sanity;  and about the importance to her of the referendum which took place on 25th May 2018 – the day after the interview – which was to change the status of women’s rights over their bodies in Ireland .  Featuring “The Bold Tenant Farmer” sung by Ed Harper – a song written in Cape Clear Island.
A podcast by Fiona Frank, tech assistance Mike Carswell. Recorded on Cape Clear Island, County Cork, Republic of Ireland, 24 May 2018.

Below the 17 minute podcast is Vanessa’s full story in an hour-long unedited interview.  (Opens automatically if you click on the link, or press ‘play’ on the audio feed below).

and here’s the full unedited interview with Vanessa (52 minutes)


Podcast No 1: May 2018. “If you can climb a ladder and change a lightbulb, you can sail“. (6.30 mins)

[Click on the link, above – opens in new window – or press ‘play’ on the audo feed below]. Featuring Ralph Cochrane, Dawn Keyse, and Dermot Greer from Sailing Ireland with Fiona Frank.  Music by Brittany and Natalie Haas, recorded at the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, May 2018.
A podcast by Fiona Frank. Engineering and technical assistance, Mike Carswell.
A Cosmic Coincidence Control Production (CCCP).  

(Click here for a version which may be more accessible for people with hearing difficulties, who can’t hear people talking over music clips. Thanks to my mum for the suggestion. Also opens by pressing ‘play’ in the audio feed below.)



In the pipeline  – interviews with Matt Whelan, Thatcher, Ed Harper, Goat farmer and singer, guitarist Tom Metcalfe, ‘sessions of England and Ireland’.

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