B & W Drawings – Unsigned Prints

Two for the price of one: we offer a FREE print for every print that you purchase. You should add a comment with your order specifying which drawing you would like for free. This should be at the same or lower price than the one you are purchasing. Only applies to signed prints, and digitally reproduced unsigned prints.

The drawings on this page are available as digitally reproduced unsigned prints, £15-£25.

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The More link shows details of the associated poem that inspired the work.

‘Purim Carnival’, Hannah Frank (1933), Pen and ink 26 cm x 21 cm.

‘Fairies In A Wood’, Hannah Frank (1928), Pen & Ink, 40 cm x 26 cm More

‘The Mocking Fairy’, Hannah Frank (1931), Pen & Ink, 43 cm x 33 cm

‘Dusty Answer’, Hannah Frank (1930), Pen & Ink 43.5 cm x 35 cm