This site is maintained by Hannah Frank’s family who will continue to use funds raised by the sale of prints, notelets and books to keep Hannah Frank’s art in the public eye. All of Hannah Frank’s drawings are available as prints (some signed) and/or notelets, there are two books of her drawings and poetry, and recasts of many of her sculptures are available to purchase.

Lithographic prints of seventeen of Hannah Frank’s black and white drawings were made in the 1960s and 1980s, and most were signed by the artist. (Only one drawing – Dream – was produced in a numbered edition). Prices range from £100-£400 depending on scarcity (only a handful left of those priced at £400). Other drawings have been reproduced more recently using digital imaging, or can be reproduced individually to order. Prices of these prints, which are not signed, range from £15 – £75. (The more expensive prints are those printed in limited editions or printed individually to order). In partnership with McCracken Framing, we can also offer prints mounted ready for framing using conservation grade mountboard and tapes at an additional £15: and in partnership with 2canvas limited, Hannah Frank images printed onto canvas, and blockmounted, are also available, both ready to hang.

The notelets offer great opportunities for thank you cards, birthday cards and, with their black and white sometimes sombre looks, sympathy cards. Hannah Frank prints make great presents. The two entwined female faces in ‘Two Heads’ and ‘Dream’ make perfect presents for civil partnerships.  You can see details and prices of all the prints on the links below, or download a leaflet giving details and prices of all the signed prints, the digitally reproduced prints, and the notelets.



During 2018: half the income of all SIGNED PRINTS sold from this site will be divided between The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, The GSA Mackintosh Campus Appeal, and Creative Access (in aid of the Khadija Saye Internship Appeal).

Two Hannah Frank signed prints, ‘In thoughts from the visions of the night’ and ‘Night’ will continue to be on sale at £100 each – half the usual price – during 2018 – to help to support these appeals.

Click here to purchase ‘In thoughts from the visions of the night’ and Click here to purchase ‘Night’.

Click on the links below to see all of the images and to order prints, notelets and books. Contact Fiona Frank for information about bronze reproductions of Hannah Frank sculpture.

Black and White Drawings – Signed Prints   £100 – £400

HF110m Girl at Window-1_236x300

Black and White Drawings – Unsigned Prints 1 – £15 – £27.50

Black and White Drawings – Unsigned Prints 2  individually printed to order on high quality art paper £75

HF100m Sun-212x300

Black and White Drawings – Unsigned Prints 3 individually printed to order on high quality art paper £75

HF072m Daydream-190x300

Books & Notelets

HF108m Two Heads-1_227x300


Plate 70

Pastel Drawings

Blonde Woman