Hannah Frank in Brazil 2023-2024

Lençois Solo Exhibitions

The first Hannah Frank art exhibition in Lençois, Bahia, Brazil opened on December 23rd 2023.

This was made possible through the a connection formed 8 years earlier between the Frank family and Soar family. 
Artur Soar is an artist himself and you can learn a bit more about him and his art here.
His mother, Maiza, runs a small hotel in Lençois, where Fiona has been staying for the duration of the exhibitions.
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Lençois HF Exhibition Poster
Poster for the Hannah Frank Exhibition at Lençois, Brazil

Hannah Frank and Artur Soar – um diálogo artístico da Escócia com a Bahia

Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil

After two successful solo exhibitions of prints in Lençois in the state of Bahia, a third exhibition is now open at the prestigious Hansen Foundation gallery in Cachoeira, Bahia. Hannah Frank and Artur Soar – um diálogo artístico da Escócia com a Bahia  (Scotland meets Brazil: an artistic conversation) opens on 21st May and runs to 16th July. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Cachoeira was a centre of the battle of independence in Brazil and receives thousands of visitors at its festivals in June – so we’re hoping for lots of interest in this exhibition. Can you help with travel and transport for this exhibition? Please see the special offer and think about who in your life needs some Hannah Frank prints on their walls!  (Or think about YOUR walls). Your buying some Hannah Frank signed prints will directly help us with the logistics of setting up this and future exhibitions; the art is all packed up and ready to move NOW!