Permanent Hannah Frank Gallery in Glasgow

For a long time there have been plans for a permanent gallery in Glasgow at the Westacres care home where Hannah and Lionel spent their last days. Work is continuing apace run by four fabulous students and former students at Glasgow Uni. Finley and Meg are two of the group: 

Finley writes: I’ve been working with Hannah Frank’s works since the beginning of 2021 and have been part of several projects – including the current project that is establishing a permanent exhibition in Glasgow! I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the others involved in this exhibition and am excited to see the final products as they are finished.

I have personally appreciated working with the space within the Glasgow care home that Hannah stayed in as it has allowed me to think about the context and display of the work.This led us to placing items of Hannah’s throughout the exhibition and interspersed with her sculptures. A particular highlight is being able to display Franks’ 1928 Isabella, Or the Pot of Basil alongside her personal copy of a collection of John Keats’ poetry, with a tissue marking the page for his 1820 poem! It feels so fulfilling and lovely to be able to put little touches like this throughout the exhibition – it’s truly a wonder to work with Hannah Frank’s works and life. 

Meg adds: Hello!  My name’s Meg and I’m assistant curator with the Hannah Frank art project. First working with the project as part of my undergraduate work placement in 2021, I am very grateful to have since continued as part of the team. I am constantly developing an array of essential heritage skills and knowledge with each additional exhibition or event that we undertake. I am currently working to facilitate the exhibition at the care home Hannah was resident of before her death in 2008. In addition to engaging with interesting research and training about how art exhibitions can be physically, intellectually, and creatively access for older people and people with dementia, my involvement with the exhibition has also centred the history of Hannah’s archive at the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in Garnethill, learning about the informal ways that collections are often established. The new exhibition seeks to celebrate Hannah’s creative excellence as well as those involved with the choices that kept her life’s work cohesive and safe. The contribution of the former manager and  the administrator of the Care Home, who facilitated allowing all Hannah’s works to be stored in the loft of the Home when she and Lionel moved in January 2001, was key in ensuring that her legacy survives – as was the work of volunteers at the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre..  

Access to the gallery will be for residents and visitors to the Home only, but we’ll send news and photos when it opens.  

You can listen to audio descriptions of some of the works displayed at Westacres.

More info coming soon.