Hannah Frank 110 Social Media Competitions: Terms & Conditions

For each competition, you can share the posts or enter as many times as you like and tag as many friends as you like, but each individual will only be entered for the competition once on each different social media platform.

The winner of the first competition will be chosen at random using  https://random-ize.com/pick-from-list/

The winner of the subsequent competitions will be decided by the team of Glasgow University volunteers who have curated the show, supported by Fiona Frank, the artist’s niece. The judges’ decision is final.  The prize is a signed print of the winner’s choice, to be chosen from one of the signed prints on this leaflet – (does not include Sun or Flight) 

Entrants agree that while copyright for any photographs or original pieces of art or writing rest with the artist or author, you agree to allow Hannah Frank art to use these photographs, art works and pieces of writing indefinitely in social media, websites and press relating to this exhibition or the art of Hannah Frank in general.