November 2010

The original drawing of ‘Woman with Book’, 1928, goes to Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.  Emeritus Professor Vincent Megaw from the university’s Department of Archaeology, explains why: “My wife – a Glasgow graduate – and I hold honorary positions in the University of Glasgow Department of Archaeology. We have a flat in Glasgow and became aware of Hannah Frank’s work. I personally was attracted to the work because of the obvious link with the work of earlier as well as contemporary black-and-white artists as well as the Jewish link (my mother came from a Dutch Jewish family). The work will be housed with our on-campus reserve collections.”


Two of the Norwich private collection drawings are bought by two fans. These drawings have not been seen in public for 30 years.
Fiona helps out journalist Caroline Wilson, who has written many articles for us in the Herald and Glasgow Evening Times, when she asks for a donation of a Hannah Frank drawing as part of a fundraiser organised by the Glasgow Parsonage Choir last month. They raise £1700 for Panzi hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which supports women and children affected by rape during military conflict. The very appropriate drawing of ‘Dream’ -showing two women entwined – was raffled as part of the fundraiser.