Hannah Frank: Footsteps on the Sands of Time; A hundredth birthday celebration gallimaufry




This book was published to celebrate Hannah Frank’s 100th birthday, 23rd August 2008, and to coincide with the opening of a major retrospective exhibition which opened on that date at Glasgow University, charting her life and achievement.

This book includes many drawings and sketches never before published, some of the artist’s original memorabilia, and a collection of in-depth articles about Hannah Frank’s life, work and art.

“Hannah Frank’s work really does merit bringing to as wide a public as possible”. Susan Ashworth, Lancashire Museums

“Beautiful drawings full of richly decorated surfaces and impeccable calligraphy. A remarkable visual diary”. Moira Jeffrey, The Herald. 


Edited by Fiona Frank and Judith Coyle.

Published by the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in assocation with Kennedy and Boyd

Publication date: 23 August 2008.


ISBN 978-1-904999-73-7